Nintendo’s Next Step Theory

3 years ago, I compared Nintendo to being the next Sega where their lack of innovative games and heavy focus on consoles may cost them their brand in the video gaming industry. Of course, this gripe was written 3 years ago. In recent events, Nintendo has set things in motion that may not have been clear at E3, but may give them a crucial competitive advantage in said industry. Let me clarify these events…

  1. Nintendo has filed a patent to have a controller with a display, touch panel, and joysticks (GameInformer, 2015). As a side note, the patent does not mention anything about buttons so this could mean that the buttons are embedded in the screen like a smartphone has with certain games. This could mean that Nintendo is onto yet another innovative way of playing games that will appeal to the masses worldwide. Nintendo NX is set to be released in March 2017 and there is no specifications released yet so this patent could be for the NX…or something else.
  2. Pokémon Go was released in July 2016. Since its release, Nintendo has double its market value and is now worth more than Sony by a couple billion dollars (Jonnagaladda, 2016). Nintendo is now capitalizing on the mobile gaming industry as Pokémon Go is already overtaking other apps like Twitter and Tinder and is more popular than current mobile games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds. Other characters like Mario, Link, Kirby, etc. may make their appearance

Let’s take what we know so far: Nintendo has filed a patent on a controller, Pokémon Go is arguably the #1 mobile game on the market, and Nintendo’s value has increased exponentially and is still doing so. I don’t have to digress any further as a couple of theories can be derived from these events.

  1. Nintendo may use said patent to create a smartphone/controller hybrid that allows gamers to play more efficiently and effectively  with Nintendo/mobile games as well as make phone calls, check email, surf the web, and everything else people can do with their smartphone. This means Nintendo would be a competitor in the smartphone, mobile gaming, and video gaming industry, boosting the brand and increasing its value in more than one area while continuing to be innovative and video-gaming oriented.
  2. Nintendo may create the NX controller as a successor to the Wii/Wii U where gamers are no longer holding a giant version of the GameBoy Advance as the gamepad for the Wii U, but now are holding a smaller controller with a display, touch panel, and joystick. This would reduce costs in production as buttons are no longer implemented in the same manner as the joysticks as these buttons may be embedded in the display or touch screen similar to playing Fruit Ninja.
  3. Nintendo, now entering the mobile gaming industry with an Augmented Reality game that is Pokémon Go, may use the NX controller as a gateway to enter Augmented Reality gaming. Nintendo was the first to introduce VR gaming with Virtual Boy, but failed due to high price and health concerns. Nintendo was the first to introduce motion gaming with the Wii, but this was perfected by Sony’s Move and Xbox’s Kinect. Even though VR and Motion gaming were not as successful as anticipated, Augmented Reality is much more promising is it uses real and live environments as background in game. With the success of Pokémon Go that allows gamers to game inside and outside homes, Nintendo may have something very promising should NX controllers utilize Augmented Reality as the future standard for gaming platforms.

I can only hope that one of these theories may be correct…or maybe all if Nintendo does very well and feels lucky. Nevertheless, Nintendo has a brand that will never run dry and it has the track record to prove it. I hope these insights have shed light on the ambiguity that Nintendo has brought in E3. However, I’ve been surprised by Nintendo before and ended up being very pleased by the results. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best Nintendo can deliver.



GameInformer. (2015). Is This The Nintendo NX Controller?

Jonnalagadda, Harish. (July 2016). Nintendo Market Value Has Doubled Since Pokémon Go Release.

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Dear Peace

Dear Peace,

I haven’t seen you in a long time. Last time I felt your presence was when Mom and I moved away from the others in 2002, shortly after my High School Graduation (That was a long time ago, by the way). It seems that every time I try to get back to you, something or someone always gets in the way. You were always there in my younger days, either watching me play video games or hanging out with the few friends that I had. Now, I have everything I need. I have a good car, good home, good job, my health, my sweet girlfriend, and even my video games. The only thing I’m missing is you. Oh sure, those things make me happy, but there’s always a conflict in those necessities. My car may need repairs, the house may have pest issues, my work may give me stress, I may have health issues, my girlfriend may give me stress, and I may have a bad game day. There are days when I have to make my own peace, but I shouldn’t have to. I know with you around, I can be truly happy. There many around the world who pray/wish for you and those who fight or die to have you. I’m writing you this letter in hope that if or when you read it, you’ll touch base with me.

Come by soon,

Dwayne Bhola

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A year ago, I griped about a company I have cherished since the late 80s. I talked about its potential decline as its games were not worth playing. May 30th 2014, a year and a week later after the gripe, Nintendo released Mario Kart 8. What happened? It sold 2 million copies in a month AND Wii U sales rose. Just one game made gamers fall in love with Nintendo all over again. Not only just that game, but any of the 4 free games that players can download once they register their copy of Mario Kart 8 on Nintendo’s shop site.

The point is I was right!

Right about the games being the true selling point in video games. Right about making memorable, classic games for people to enjoy. If Mario Kart 8 can do this much for Nintendo in a short amount of time, imagine what Super Smash Bros. and future Nintendo games can do.

I wrote this gripe as I recharge my Wii U’s gamepad for another round of Mario Kart.

Also, this article further proves my point:

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Today’s gripe is kinda funny, yet still worth griping about. A while back, I was in my army unit drilling and this soldier and I realized we came from the same country, which is Trinidad. Our section sergeant comes to us and says when he hears of Trinidad, he thinks of a particular, somewhat ammusing yet somewhat outrageous video involving Trinidad. The video was a clip of D2: the mighty ducks where team USA was against team Trinidad.

2 things wrong: A) the mere fact that the NCO had this knowledge for so many years and decided to share this with us, since the film came out in the mid 90s. B) the film is about a hockey team going for world championship. SINCE WHEN DOES A CARIBBEAN COUNTRY HAVE A HOCKEY TEAM?

Anyone who has watched the film knows that USA beat Trinidad in hockey for plot sake. Another funny, yet irritating tidbit was the jerseys of team Trinidad…it was tie-dye. The film was playing on the stereotype that Caribbean people wear tie-dye shirts.

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It has been a long while since I posted a gripe, but after what happened last night, or rather early this morning past midnight, I decided to halt everything as this is definitely worth griping.

After midnight on 9/25, I was pulled over by a cop. Speed limit states 35 and I was going 25…don’t worry, I wasn’t pulled over for speeding. I was stopped for tinted windows. State of Maryland has a 35% window tint limit, which mine are and is legal. The gripe is the tension the cop had toward me. We had a discussion on the state limit where he found I knew the law on window tint. He then asked me if I had any firearms or drugs and I responded with no. Immediately after that, he gave me this 10 -15 second staredown, which I stared right back at him, and then he replied “ok”. I asked him if he was going to check my license to which he snapped back with “will you let me do my job?”. I broke our staring contest and said “sure officer”. He walks back to his cruiser and seconds later, 2 more show up. One asked me to step out of the car and I did. I asked what the problem was and the other cop said I was giving him an attitude (hence why they showed up).

The 2 nicer cops were conversing with me while the asshole cop grabbed a window tint device and, sure enough, I was within state limit. No search was conducted and I was given my license and registration back followed by “you’re free to go” from that unprofessional douchebag.

Gripe: the tension that cop had given me. I can feel he wanted to say/do something else at the same time he knew I wasn’t scared of him.

I didn’t mind the fact that I was pulled over…though it was the middle of the night and anyone can still see in my car. It was the way the cop approached me. Very uneasy feeling when a cop eyeballs me and I’ve been nothing, but calm and cooperative.

I did get away without a citation or ticket. However, this could’ve gone a lot worse. The absolute worst cop encounter in my life.

For anyone who care enough to read this, I wouldn’t mind feedback as to what I should’ve said or done. What can I do to better prepare in case another encounter occurs.

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This week’s gripe is one that people can understand and relate… the value of education. How much does education cost? Does the quality of education vary in price? Most importantly, how much value and return on investment is education?

There was a point in time in our lives where education was free via K – 12 grade. Some of us liked it and some of us didn’t, but now we find ourselves needing education to survive…at a price. Public schools were free to children and teens, but colleges and universities are in a different league of their own.

When I say return on investment (ROI), many of us know that it means how much are we profitting/earning after we invest our time and money. So what is the ROI of a bachelors degree? What about a masters? In this day in age where financial turmoil exist in just about any conversation, can it be worthwhile and useful without costing an arm and a leg?

My gripe is that it shouldn’t. Education is one of the key features of America that separates it from the rest of the world where education may be hard to obtain; education that can be affordable while maintaining its true value. Does it makes sense that a person spends $40K on a degree program only to walk out making $10-15K more than the person next to him/her? Initially, no. In the long haul, maybe.

Verdict: Education shouldn’t cost so much if it is meant to help the average person achieve happiness, prosperity, and comfortability. The ROI of education should be worth it.

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After passing my first graduate course, I have to admit there isn’t much difference from undergrad. My only gripe, and the main reason for posting it, is the professor.

I received an A for my efforts, but I had to really fight for that grade. This professor, who I will not name for legal reasons, was really critical in the grading process. The syllabus he wrote was very bland and vague that it seemed like I was high school. After completing the assignments as instructed, he would grade aspects that were not in the instructions and what “he” is looking for. This is highway robbery and a setup at its purest form.

If universities hire seasoned vets and highly educated personnel to instruct future graduates, then those hired should be able detail exactly what they want so that the students don’t feel robbed or cheated. I called this professor out on some things and my grade just barely made an A.

Hint: professors…there are things called a rubric. Use them!

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